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Russian Translit keyboard layout for desktop mode (Windows, OS X).

Version for Mac OS X

Russian "Phonetic" keyboard layout for Windows


Unlike the Windows 8 or 10 "Phonetic" layout, it has exactly one key per character - simple and clear. No confusing composite keystrokes.

This keyboard does not replace in-box layouts, you can switch to other layouts when you want.

Another advantage over in-box keyboards: you don't have to switch to English keyboard to type few Latin characters.
Holding the "Alt gray" key produces characters of the standard USA layout. The Alt Gray key is either right Alt or left Ctrl+Alt (or only one of these - depends on your primary keyboard language).

It's original name is "Phonetic Smile", because on 102-key keyboards, the key 102 is mapped to a smiley :-) However, these 102-key keyboards are hard to find today.

This layout is almost same as the "Phonetic" keyboard in some older Ubuntu Linux version. Makes switching between Windows and Linux easy, especially when using virtual machines.

The Windows variant was made with the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (KLC) tool.
It works on Windows 10/8.1/8.0 Desktop mode, Windows XP, Windows 7.

The source is included, you can easily change the layout as you like (details at the bottom of the page).

To Install:

Download the zip file, unzip to a temporary directory and run setup.exe as administrator (a.k.a. elevated).

On Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 7 it's recommended to log out and log in again. I am not sure why sometimes it is not available for selection right after setup, but this workaround is simple and always helps.

Select this layout in the language settings for Russian, and enjoy.

On Windows XP, the new layout will be installed only for this user account; for other accounts, open the keyboard settings and add this layout for Russian language, as usual.
You can keep your previous layout too, or deselect it.

To Uninstall

First, un-reference the layout, so it can be unloaded and removed. Open the keyboard settings and remove this layout (recommended to do this for every user account that used it).
As Administrator, open Add or remove programs in the Control panel; find "Russian Phonetic ..." and click Remove.

How to modify the layout:

This keyboard and setup program has been made with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator v 1.4. Download the Keyboard Layout Creator from Microsoft downloads website. Edit the source file (.klc) included in the sources. Note: the KLC won't let you to edit a layout with already registered name (a bugo-feature?), so either uninstall the previous layout with the same name, or rename it, or run KLC on other computer.

Version 3.1 (28-mar-2008)

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